Bedtime Story Movie – kids will love to go to bed!

Bedtime Story MovieBedtime Story Movie „Steamy, Coco, and Friends“,
narrated by Hans in Pajamas.

Don’t worry. Just the first few words are in Swiss German,
then it’s all English. And it’s worth watching!


Excerpt from Bedtime Story Movie „Steamy, Coco, and Friends“:

On a little switchyard, behind the high mountains, a steam engine worked together with her coal car. The two had a secure income, but it was a little boring in those parts of the world. They just had to maneuver the empty rail cars back and forth, day in and day out.

When the night fell over the little switchyard, the two began to dream. The engine dreamed of a long train with many people in it, rolling over gentle hills and green valleys. The coal car dreamed of flying through the air, high above the mountains. In the mornings, they told each other about their dreams.

„I would really like to know what it’s like behind the mountains“, the engine said. „I could also use some change and a bit more fun“, the coal car replied, „but we can’t just leave our tracks, can we? That would be dangerous!“ „Dangerous or not, who cares?“ the engine answered. „Tomorrow, we’ll do it. Are you in?“ „Of course, I’m in“, said the coal car. Without me, you are not worth much, and without you, I’m not worth much. We need each other!“

The only variety they had was a little road that crossed the railroad tracks at the end of the switch yard. Whenever they saw that road in the distance, they had strange thoughts. „I wonder where that road leads“, said the engine.

When the engine and her coal car approached the little road, on the next morning, the engine hollered: „Hold on, and yeeehaaa!“
Boy, was that a jolting and shaking, like you wouldn’t believe. The coal car shouted: „Wewewewe dodododon’t bebebebelong here.“
„Don’t worry“, said the engine. „I’m sure we’ll soon find new railroad tracks. After all, if you want adventure, you need to be willing to take chances.“