Let’s craft a Jumping Rat!

What that is, a Jumping Rat? Wanna guess? A Jumping Jack, but with a rat, yay!
And it’s totally easy! My boss has prepared everything for you.
Just do step by step what I’m telling you now, okay?



Click on this template in order to download it as PDF, and print it out.




Glue the template on a piece of cardboard and let the glue dry completely.



Cut out the parts precisely. Maybe you’ll find someone to help you with that.


Color the parts.



Punch a hole into the little circles. Where you see green arrows, you punch a smaller hole to attach the string.

ebooksforkids-bastelvorlage anleitung




Attach arms and legs to the body with brass fasteners, so they can move freely.

Bring arms and legs into „down“ position.

Tie together the rat’s arms with a lace.

Tie together the rat’s legs with a lace.

Tie the horizontal laces together and let enough lace hang out underneath.

If you did everything right, Ratty’s arms and legs will move up when you pull the string.


For Ratty’s tail, you can use e thicker sort of lace or a tape.

For his whiskers, you can use a few hairs of a large paintbrush.



Isn’t this a cute little Christmas costume?

With just a few more crafting steps, you can put it on your Jumping Rat.


hampelkleidMake a little cut in the ear in order to attach the cap.

To attach the dress, just fold the paper flaps.

And voilà… there’s your Rismas Chrumping Jat, uhmmm, Jismas Rumping Chrat, Christmas Jumping Rat.


Merry Christmas, have fun!